Angry Fly

The Truth About Sanity & Restoring It

I fully support Jon Stewart's rally to restore sanity. And, near as I can reckon, it was a resounding success.

I'm worried, however, that it may have done a disservice to sanity. The insane types will juxtapose something completely insane with something reasonable and demand that the sensible person take the middle ground.

But now, I expect Stewart to do the same: he will put basic physics against the Time Cube and ask for reasonableness. There is no reasonable other than that the Time Cube is nonsensical hokum; there is no middle ground.

Similarly, there is no middle ground on trade policy. Trade restrictions kill people, period. People who support trade restrictions are murderers, period. They may not actually slash a poor person's throat; however, they murder nonetheless.

Sanity means holding murderers up to the light. Now, I'm not allowed to do it, I guess.

Cool Jane

When Did Vampires Stop Counting?

When did vampires stop counting stuff? They used to be obsessive about it. Got a suspected vampire in the grave? Throw a handful of poppy seeds on the ground and the guy won't bother anybody, because he'll spend every night counting. Count von Count wasn't counting because he was a count, he counted because he was a vampire.

Nowadays it seems like vampires can't be bothered to count anything, which is one of the reasons I can't count on vampires to be even remotely interesting. They haven't been reinvented, they've been turned into Mary Sues.
Belkar Stab Foot

Econ 101: Recession Has Ended & What It Means

Here's what it means for the recession to have ended, using a metaphor with annotations:

Bob was bitten by a black widow spider [the nation adopted Republican economic policies on top of idiotic deregulation schemes over years and years, not to mention the lesser but equally idiotic McCarthyism of boosting "home" building beyond reasonable need]. Bob began to die [the economy began to collapse because of the morons making policy, failing to regulate, and proselytizing the bonehead notion that owning property is like having a winning lottery ticket]. Bob was rushed to the ER and intensive medical procedures were instituted in a desperate attempt to save his life [the economy had the worst downturn since the Great Depression, in some regions the unemployment rate was as bad as it was in the Great Depression, and massive measures were taken to avoid real economic meltdown]. Bob was in good health, then he was close to death [the economy was going well, then it shrank terribly and was in danger of falling into a depression]. Bob's condition has stabilized, but he's not back to being in good health [the economy is no longer contracting: the recession has ended, but it has not expanded back up to where it was; it's still in a bad way, especially in some regions of the nation].
November Question

The Shining

Since I don't have the chutzpa to go into my life and my long hiatus, I want to ask a question instead. I'm watching the 30th anniversary showing of "The Shining" and I'm struck by the feeling I had when I first saw it way back when:

Before the horror gets going, is the acting deliberately bad? I mean, seriously, are the characters supposed to be cardboard?

Just curious.

Best wishes to all!

sinfest XXX

Writer's Block: A political affair

Do you think the public has a legitimate right to know about a politician’s personal/romantic life? When, if ever, do you think a politician’s personal history is relevant to his/her ability to perform in office?
When the politician knows state secrets that may be pursued by a so-called honey trap. So we might reasonably expect a Congressman on the Senate Intelligence Committee to be open with his love life; however, the Governor of Michigan is free to have all the secret boy-toys she desires. (Not that she does. She's cool, no scandals, just an example. ^_^)
Scientology Icon

New Icon Makes Me Laugh

This new icon is the notes from our latest staff meeting. I don't know why I doodled it, but who knows why we doodle anything in particular. Maybe that's how Tom Cruise sees Katie when she's eating her theatons or whatever the hell it is $cientologists do behind closed doors.
Dressage Queen

Dressage Lesson #14

After watching the video again and really paying attention, I decided that getting frustrated is bloody stupid. I want to learn, right? But it is stupid to refuse to enjoy it just to be a constipated twit.

I love the fact that Riot is so sensitive to my balance, and that I'm so gormless regarding the same, that my teacher actually instructed me not to run her over. ^_^

This lesson wasn't worse than the previous one. Rather, Betsy caught some ugly riding that she didn't catch during lesson 13.



Writer's Block: My secret self

Do you have any hobbies, beliefs, or interests that you share exclusively on LiveJournal? How are your LiveJournal friends different from your offline friends?

It's not that there's things that are exclusively lj, rather there's depth and openness that I don't share elsewhere. I haven't been posting much lately, so it may not seem that way, but what can I say?